Regenerative Braking in the 2018 Ford C-MAX

Creating more energy is a key part of owning a hybrid. Luckily, the 2018 Ford C-MAX makes this process easier. It's equipped to harness as much energy as possible and can even teach you how to drive for maximum efficiency.

The C-MAX uses regenerative braking to refuel the batteries. Each time you apply the brakes, approximately 90 percent of the energy produces is gathered and stored in the lithium-ion batteries. A Brake Coach system in the information panel can help you learn how to maximize the energy return. Tips are displayed onto the screen each time the C-MAX comes to a full stop. It'll show your progress and efficiency with a percentage.

Take the 2018 Ford C-MAX for a test drive by visiting us at Roling Ford in Shell Rock, IA. We're more than happy to show you how this unique vehicle operates. We're committed to helping you find the hybrid that suits your driving needs.

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