A Peek at the Technology Features on the Ford Taurus

You're not interested in having the latest technology features on your vehicle, are you? Oh, wait, you are? Well, in that case, take a peek at the full-size sedan, the popular Ford Taurus. It's equipped with some of the latest technology available on the market which will make driving both safer and easier.

Do you want getting into your vehicle and starting it to be easier than ever? If so, then you'll love the fob that comes with the Taurus. You can open the door without even taking the fob out of your pocket. You can also start the car with just the push of a button. And if you like to know that your teens are driving safely, you'll love the MyKey feature which lets you set the volume of the radio and the maximum speed of the car.

Come to Roling Ford in Shell rock, IA for a test drive.

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