Change is Good When Saving Money

Because your engine’s oil is the most beneficial element for keeping it operating at peak level performance, you should maintain a good oil quality at all times. However, there is an assumption by many car owners who still believe that an oil change must occur every 3,000 miles.

While there are some limited car manufacturers that will specify oil changes at that interval, most manufacturers actually recommend extended intervals every 7,000 to 10,000 miles, or longer. Before determining a maintenance schedule for having your oil changed, you should refer to the owner’s manual. You may be one of the many car owners in Shell Rock, IA who has adhered to the 3,000-mile general rule for decades; however, knowledge is power and it can also save you money!

When the time comes for your next oil change, contact our service center here at Roling Ford. Appointments can be scheduled online far in advance through our service scheduler.

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