What Kind of Electronic Stability System Is in the Ford Flex?

Recent technological innovations have led to a primitive sort of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that helps to guide and control a vehicle that is entering a slide situation. In the Ford Flex, this A.I. is called the Advance Trac system. The Advance Trac system is a culmination of many technological advances and includes the collection of data from many sources.

Every trim of the Ford Flex comes standard with the Advance Trac system. The system monitors sensors that check the stability of the vehicle 150 times per second. Any variation from the norm is sent to the vehicle’s computer as an anomaly. Enough anomalies and the computer takes over and adjusts braking through the ABS or through the engine to bring the vehicle back to a stable mode.

At Roling Ford in Shell Rock, IA, we demonstrate to you the value of your Advance Trac system.

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