Options Abound in The Ford Focus

Drive in style in a Ford Focus! There are numerous choices that you have with the vehicle depending on how much space you want in the car. Several colors are available to choose from including, yellow, red, and blue. You can visit Roling Ford to get the color that you choose customized with a few metallic flakes in the pain.

Another design feature would be the updated wheels. They feature a modern appearance, and you have at least eight options to choose from in the lineup. When you look at the Ford Focus, you'll notice that the grille has an aggressive design. The headlights are also sleek and look like they are flying in the wind.

While you're driving your Ford Focus in Shell Rock, IA, you can enjoy the updated Sony audio system or listen to a favorite CD. Let a little natural light inside your vehicle by using the moonroof. There's also a dual-zone climate control center so that everyone in the car is comfortable.

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