The Ford Super Duty: A Truck That Lives Up to Its Name

If you're looking for a vehicle that can take on any job that you have ready for it, you can check out the Ford Super Duty that we offer at Roling Ford in Shell Rock, IA. These vehicles are durable, tough, and remarkably agile for their size. You can jump behind the wheel of one of these heavy-duty trucks if you're interested in seeing how well they drive.

When these vehicles were being designed, they were tested in a variety of conditions. They faced freezing cold, scorching heat, dust, mud, and other extreme conditions, and they were quite successful. This is thanks in part to their military-grade aluminum-alloy body and fully boxed frame built with high-strength steel.

Another advantage to getting a Super Duty is that the front end sits on a solid axle. This can make a difference in terms of strength and stability when you put on a snowplow or other accessory up front.

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