The Ford Mustang muscle car moves forward with confidence as it celebrates its rich history. Available in convertible models at Roling Ford in Shell Rock, IA, this American car offers several turbocharged engine blocks from the latest EcoBoost family. We have the vintage-style BULLITT and Shelby editions in our new inventory.

This Ford sports car wears six-piston front brakes with the signature BREMBO label. Measuring up to 15.5 inches in diameter, the high-performance brakes include iron discs and aluminum hats. The exclusive Electronic Line Lock function is also compatible with the powerful brakes.

Offering three transmission options, the Ford Mustang faces very little competition in terms of gear combinations. The manual transmission system produces six ratios, and the auto gearbox generates up to 10 speeds. Additionally, the all-new TREMEC dual-clutch transmission system gives you access to seven gear ratios. All transmission systems in this Ford sports car are synchronized with a rear-wheel drive.

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