Many automotive designs provide curb appeal, and some elements make everyday routines easier. The Ford EcoSport has features that are very impressive and highly functional, which is why it's one of the brand's standout vehicles.

If you run errands in a Ford EcoSport on a hot day, you can conserve fuel by opening the moonroof instead of using the air conditioning system. As an air conditioner runs, it pulls energy, which impacts gasoline usage. While the EcoSport's moonroof is opened, cool, refreshing air fills the cabin without straining the engine and other vital automotive hardware. When the EcoSport reaches its destination, it continues to provide advantages. For example, if you visit a grocery store, you can access the EcoSport's cargo area with ease by using the rear swing gate.

You can test these features while visiting Roling Ford in Shell Rock, IA. Then, you could get behind the wheel and take a test drive.

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