Regenerative Braking in the 2018 Ford C-MAX

Creating more energy is a key part of owning a hybrid. Luckily, the 2018 Ford C-MAX makes this process easier. It's equipped to harness as much energy as possible and can even teach you how to drive for maximum efficiency.

The C-MAX uses regenerative braking to refuel the batteries. Each time you apply the brakes, approximately 90 percent of the energy produces is gathered and stored in the lithium-ion batteries. 

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Ford EcoSport's Amazing Technology

In these modern times, what makes a good car is not only its power, speed, and comfortability, but also the tech that comes with it. Not only is the Ford EcoSport a popular compact SUV, but it can provide you with some very convenient technological features.

One of these features is the SYNC 3, an information and entertainment system that is activated by the sound of your voice.

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What Is Your Ford F-150 Capable Of?

When you depend on your truck for your day to day job, finding the right features is vital. Our team here at Roling Ford understands this importance, and we’re here to help match you with the right truck for the job.

Take the 2018 Ford F-150 for example, this popular full-size pickup truck was rated best in class for towing and payload. 

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You Will love the Ford Focus ST Interiors

The Ford Focus ST remains a popular compact sedan option for anyone desiring style, fuel efficiency and fun. Mix and match features to enhance the interior. Choose a heated steering wheel and front seats for those cold winter months. Upgrade the style with a leather-covered steering wheel and leather-trimmed seats. Or, select the cloth sport seats complete with an ST logo. Aluminum gas and brake pedals and door scuff plates are other options.

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A Peek at the Technology Features on the Ford Taurus

You're not interested in having the latest technology features on your vehicle, are you? Oh, wait, you are? Well, in that case, take a peek at the full-size sedan, the popular Ford Taurus. It's equipped with some of the latest technology available on the market which will make driving both safer and easier.

Do you want getting into your vehicle and starting it to be easier than ever? 

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What Kind of Electronic Stability System Is in the Ford Flex?

Recent technological innovations have led to a primitive sort of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) that helps to guide and control a vehicle that is entering a slide situation. In the Ford Flex, this A.I. is called the Advance Trac system. The Advance Trac system is a culmination of many technological advances and includes the collection of data from many sources.

Every trim of the Ford Flex comes standard with the Advance Trac system. 

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The New Mustang: Stylish from Front to Back

Since its inception, the Ford Mustang has been one of America's favorite sports cars - and for good reason! Its high-end performance, its throaty growl, and its timeless design features have combined to make the Mustang America's sports car. As you would expect, the newest rendition of the Mustang is no different.

Come for the performance, stay for the sleek design features.

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Change is Good When Saving Money

Because your engine’s oil is the most beneficial element for keeping it operating at peak level performance, you should maintain a good oil quality at all times. However, there is an assumption by many car owners who still believe that an oil change must occur every 3,000 miles.

While there are some limited car manufacturers that will specify oil changes at that interval, most manufacturers actually recommend extended intervals every 7,000 to 10,000 miles, or longer.

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What is a Timing Belt and Why is it Important?

If a mechanic tells you that you need to replace your timing belt, then by all means you should believe him. This isn't a shady deal; having a healthy timing belt is absolutely crucial for the health of your car's engine. Here's what it does:

In short, the rubber timing belt is a part of many internal combustion engines and is responsible for synchronizing the engines and letting air in and out at the correct times.

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Does Your Car Battery Need Attention?

It can sometimes be tough to recognize whether a car battery needs attention or replacement. It can oftentimes be pretty easy as well. The point is to never downplay the value of a functional and dependable car battery in any way.

A strong car battery is undeniably important for anyone who drives on a regular basis. It's important for anyone who drives, period. Focus on your engine light. Is it on? 

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