Highway safety is good for everyone, and we are proud that the Ford Ranger can make driving a little safer in Shell Rock, IA and beyond. The following are two features that make the Ranger more than just Ford's popular midsize truck.

Anti-Collision Tech

The anti-collision system is there to sense if something is in front of you that you might hit. The system will put you on alert and pre-charge your braking system so that you are ready to stop the truck and avoid the crash.


The blindspot sensor system is there to make sure you don't attempt to change lanes when a car is in your blind spot. There have been many accidents linked to the blindspot. This is one reason Ford is taking it on with this sensor system that warns you there is a vehicle in that spot.

You'll feel a lot safer in a Ford Ranger, and we can show you how if you take a test drive with us at Roling Ford. We are more than happy to accommodate you and help you find the truck for you.

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