The Ford F-150 lives up to high expectations in light-duty performance and toughness. Roling Ford promotes this pickup truck's superb mechanical features that are engineered to overcome harsh elements in Shell Rock, IA. The Raptor and Limited are some of the most durable editions on the roster.

The F-150's rear suspension system consists of leaf springs that operate on a two-stage variable rate. Each phase of shock absorption is engineered to quickly dissipate mechanical energy that comes from impacts with the ground. Coil springs also support the car's front suspension system for extra durability on rough surfaces.

If you'd like to maximize the longevity of this Ford pickup truck, add a 4x4 drive with several exclusive components. An electronic locking differential gives the rear axle an extra boost on mud, gravel, and sand. When the axle is fully locked, the rear wheels rotate at identical RPMs. The synchronized spin also contributes to efficient driving on paved roads.

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